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Moøre Landscape 2056. The Workshop

The workshop aimed to develop future perspectives based on landscape plans, photos and pictures as an extension of the symposium ‘Landscape 2056’. A diverse group of scientists and students collaborated, each group focussing on a key location in the Munich–Freising region. Generation of ideas were be stimulated by short excursions to the respective locations. On Sunday, the students delivered their vision of future landscape developments as oral presentations, posters and models at the European House of Artists (‘Schafhof’), in Freising.

All documentation videos can be found here

Guests lecturers

  • Prof. Undine Giseke
    Section Landscape Architectur and Planning
    Department VI Planning Building Environment
    Technical University Berlin

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Heiland
    Section Landscape Planning and Development
    Department VI Planning Building Environment
    Technical University Berlin

  • Prof. Christoph Jensen
    Section Architectur und urban planning
    Department Landscape Architecture
    Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

  • Prof. Dr. Kathrin Kiehl
    Section Vegetation Science and Botany
    Department Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture
    University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

  • Prof. Dr. Josphert Kimatu
    Section Wildlife Conservation
    Department of Biological Sciences
    South Eastern Kenya University

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Kurath
    Section Architecture and Urban Design
    Department Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering
    University of Applied Sciences Winterthur

  • Assoc.-Prof. Sven Stremke
    Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
    Environmental Sciences
    Wageningen University

  • Prof. Mark Michaeli
    Professor für Sustainable Urbanism
    Department of Architecture
    Technical University Munich

  • Assist.-Prof. Dr. Anja Rammig
    Section Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions
    School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan
    Technical University Munich

  • Prof. Dr. Alain Thierstein
    Chair of Urban Development
    Department of Architecture
    Technical University Munich




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